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The Sicilian Experience

Fly In Palermo

Starting on March 15 and ending on March 20, The Fly-In Palermo was the event that flagged Palermo as a landmark on the Euroavian map. It was the kind of experience that you continue to live even after it has ended, due to the wonderful persons you've met there and the nice memories you now share. The 11 participants were: Sebastian Rothammel (IB) and Sandra Greiner from AS Bremen, Germany, Nikolina Barisić and Danijel Posavec from AS Zagreb, Croatia, Kevin Dittel from AS Munich and Jäger Arne and Pascal Landschulze - AS Hamburg, Germany, Salvatore Lupo - AS Torino, Italy, and Adrian Nicolae and Alexandra Oprea from AS Bucuresti, Romania.

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AMEAC 2007

Harlara By The Sea

by Arne Jäger

From the 29th of September until the 7th of October 10 nations, 15 (P) AS and about 30 members of EUROAVIA gathered in the beautiful harbour town of Patras to join the AMEAC 2007.


The place for this event could not have been more suitable. Our hosts from AS Patras undertook great efforts to provide us with the best accommodation possible in a nice and warm Mediterranean environment. Staying in a hotel located 15 km outside of Patras, but therefore directly next to the beach of the Corinthian Gulf and being equipped with a pool for those who found the sea too salty, we had the best premises for relaxation during free time.

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